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I'm glad I read this before ordering, are there any other sites that you recommend? Add comment

These *** offs flat out robbed me. I placed an order for 150 dollars and they charged my card and never delivered. How they are not jailed for larceny and credit card fraud I don't know. It seems like Nevada could care less how their businesses are run. It's criminal. Maybe we all could get a class action lawsuit? Anyone want to join? If a lawyer got their records they could get the client list and refund everyone's money plus a little extra for the wrongs done to all of us and if we are lucky it will drive this bunch of losers into bankruptcy... Read more

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Every time I have ordered from this website previously it has been fine. I got all of my items and in decent time. This said I've always been in good terms with the website. This time I made a rather expensive order. I bought a $119 Bowie knife and a $20 pink stun gun... shipping was around $11. In total it was a $150 order. I had to email them to request for tracking information. It stayed in las vegas for nearly a week, took about 2 whole weeks and a half to finally get delivered. When I saw it was all out for deliver I got excited and went... Read more

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Worst!! Communication EVER, EVER! Company does not respond to phone calls or emails!! NO TRACKING OR EMAIL SENT OUT REGARDING SHIPPING! CONPANY DOES NOT SEND ITEMS!! Someone shut this company down!! Add comment

Warning to anyone contemplating business with this website. That are unreliable in all areas of communication, delivery of product, and product quality resolution issues. Recent experience as of Jan2016. Add comment

These guys took my money and never delivered the order. I ordered on May 30, 2015 and it's now December 30, 2015. I've called, I've emailed. I now only get a busy signal on their phone number, never a single response. All over a $34.00 order. How come someone hasn't shut down this IP Address already? Ridiculous! I can't even begin to understand why they're still in business, other than to scam and rip people off. It's flat out dishonest business, and they should be held responsible for their actions! Read more

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I was in the market to buy a switchblade and searched the internet and founf weapon universe had a pretty good selection. I eneded up making an order and upon recieving order found that of the 2 things i ordered one was broken and of course it would have to be the switchblade so i wrote them an email and explained what went on even giving them the name of the inspector or picker. Never heard anything back from them was very dissapointed no service skill. Read more

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Item was not what the picture was. It was made *** quality cheap and over priced dont buy from here again Add comment

I ordered a Tops Outpost Command from these THIEVES back in April. Never received the knife. I must of called them 50 times and left messages. They never returned my calls or emails. The only thing they sent me was the receipt when I originally made the purchase. I called my credit card company but it was too late. They told me they already had the money. I even told them on a message, that I would be contacting the Las Vegas Police Department to complain to them. hoping that I would get a response back. However the thieves still never... Read more

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I'm glad I checked the reviews for this place. First of all, there is NO place to register, first clue. And the site itself tries way too hard to look legitimate, pointing out that fraud will not be tolerated, and we have your IP address for prosecution, etc. All that ***... When in reality THEY ARE the criminals, thieving people's money and getting away with it. And the site itself looks outdated, and is just plain BAD. Looks like something I would have seen back in the 90's. I truly am sorry that everybody here got scammed and had a bad... Read more

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