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I have to admit I haven't done business w/ them but as a knife collector, well I'm no expert but their high-end merch is WAY underpriced, all across the board. Maybe they fill inexpensive orders but, when hundreds of dollars are at stake, they just pocket the cash and thumb their noses at you, I don't know, but when prices are TOO low it's very suspicious.

The fact that they're in Nevada is also a red flag- a great book by comedian Doug Stanhope, "Digging Up Mother", has a couple chapters that detail the years when he worked in Vegas (where rules are lax or non-existent) in the kind of chop-houses that exist only to rip-off mail order customers, and Weapons Universe sounds like it's right out of that playbook.

But Hey, buy Stanhope's book (from a reputable place like Amazon) and maybe you'll feel better. It's funny as ***

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