Do Not Buy ANYTHING from these crooks.

My item was never received.I piad for it via credit card.

My emails are nevr answered. I tried to call them but I only get a voicemail. If anyone who reads this has the ability to start or promote a serious investigation of this fraudulant company please do so. I am in the process of trying to do something along that line but it may be somewhat costly.

wish me luck.

if you read the disclaimer posted by that company you'll notice they seem to have no fear of the United States judicial system whatsoever but I'm really hoping their pompous attitude will change after all is said and done.I know I'm not the only one who feels these type of crooks need to be dealt with swiftly and seriously enough that they will not continue to steal from consumers.


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Youngstown, Ohio, United States #818694

Www.brass-knuckles-corporation.com.Is also is a scam I ordered a couple of items weeks ago , they have 2 fake *** phone numbers and check this sht out , brass knuckles corp .

mailing address is the address to blade empire, and they address is the address to weapons universe .I want my $44 dollars back, they need to be investigated , caught, and locked up , now I see why they don't accept paypal, they show up on my card as weapons armory corp, you scammers need to be stopped , by any means necessary

Youngstown, Ohio, United States #818690

Rip off

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #690227

I ordered numbchucks for my bf bday on july 8th and here it is july 30 cant get a response back they took there money the same day very upsitting I never ordered anything offline before and its making me mad what can we do about this :cry

Fort Morgan, Colorado, United States #688767

yea waiting on some knuckles and a butterfly knife..now that ive seen all these posts..well what can I say f*** these P****!!!!

Noblesville, Indiana, United States #686024

*** it, I got screwed out of $21 by these guys. My item was never received either; I ordered a pair of hardwood nunchucks. This company will rob you.

Albany, New York, United States #683801

I'm having the same problem right now i ordered a pair of Kevlar Lined Sap Gloves from WU the first time was 3/12/13 but they never took any money out so i never gave it a second thought when i did not get anything so i tried again on 6/10/13 same item this time they took out the money and it is now 7/19/13 and still no gloves. I had this same prob whit a company called King Of Swords steer clear of them i'm out $25 from them and it looks like $37 from these people. :cry


I ordered from them on 6/4/13 and haven't received item.Can't even talk to a real person, but a machine.

I've already filed a complaint with BBB of So. Nevada.

SCAMMERS..good thing I'm only out $25.


I also got completely screwed over by these guys.Thankfully, I'm only out $35, where other people got hit with a lot worse.

Definitely never, ever order from this company or any of its other names: Weapons Universe Corp, Knife Planet Corporation, Blade Empire, et al.

It's *** artists like these that make online transactions scary.Someone should really be taking control of this situation and stopping this "company" from stealing money from people all over the world.

Seattle, Washington, United States #645179


I just ordered this morning and was excited and then I search up reviews because the prices were too good to be true and BAM! They're fraud!

*** MY LIFE!

Orlando, Florida, United States #642584

Follow up....I sent a complaint to the attorney general of Nevada. I asked that they shut the business down.

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