I also was scammed by this company for 97.00 they would not answer my emails and phone # said it was disconnected. I live in Va there in Arizona(supposedly) if I was close to them 97.00 would be comming out of someones rearend.Such dishonest people can only hope something bad happens to the person in charge .

(Mike Harsch From Va)

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Buena Park, California, United States #962668

I will make it a priority to get these people

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #894731

Hey they're actually in Las Vegas, NV. I hate how I got my item, it sat in a drawer, and it broke by itself like 2 weeks after I got it and they wouldn't replace it, so I had to use duct tape.

I purchased an expandable baton with the flashlight and the flashlight broke like right after I got it and they said we don't have a manufacturer so we can't get you a new one.

It's just ***! Call their number is 702-577-2791

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